Bio Metric System

Bio Metric System

Attendence Biometric System

We are one of the best bio metric system providers in India. It is integrated with attendance management systems which help to store the attendance as per your requirement. You can check attendance according to your requirement like daily, weekly monthly etc. Bio metric system can be used in all types of organization. Bio metric attendance system can help organization to manage attendance automatically. There are several features with the bio metric system. This is one of the best attendance management systems which saves soft copy of attendance and which helps organization to save papers.

Attendance Management System

System is developed to manage auto attendance for all varieties of organizations like School, BPO, KPO, Banks etc. Attendance Software will manage employee attendance, permissions, late coming Manage overtime, leave, compensatory off, User friendly, advanced shift management Customizable versatile reports as required Complete integration attendance system and it customizable as per business need and different advanced options.


Attendance Management System can be integrated with almost all bio metric systems available with us. Just you need to choose which type of bio metric system your need. Reports can be generated very easily.

Daily attendance report
Absenteeism Report
Department wise attendance
Export data in excel sheets